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Beaman Jacinto Law PC is a longstanding leader in worker and immigrant justice, and our advocacy is grounded in community needs and power.  Our dedicated, experienced, and bilingual legal staff constantly learns, grows, and adapts to ensure that clients and communities achieve their goals.  

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A Dedication of Mind and Heart


"When I faced discrimination and retaliation at work attorney Megan Beaman went above and beyond to deliver the justice and fairness I was seeking. From day one attorney Beaman informed me each step of the legal process thoroughly, making it easier to face the steep road ahead of me.  Her fluency in Spanish facilitated communication; it gave me peace of mind to know that she understood every concern I had because I could talk to her directly without the need for an interpreter. Attorney Beaman showed genuine concern for me and my rights. She put not only her mind, but also her heart into making sure justice was served in my case. I’ve referred other employees to attorney Beaman, in each case I have witnessed first-hand she defends her clients like no other attorney." - J.S.G.

"Some time ago I found myself in need of help with my labor rights, when I was unjustly fired after 20 years of employment.  Fortunately, I found the Beaman-Jacinto law firm.  Together, lawyers Megan Jacinto and Curtis Davis took my case, and with their team of associates and all of their skills, they were able to achieve a positive result for me.  My appreciation for the Beaman-Jacinto firm."  -M.R.F.

"Megan Beaman-Jacinto was the wonder woman I needed to fight back after my employment was illegally terminated.  I had been told that my employer was untouchable.  She didn't buy that, and she fearlessly represented me until we reached a good resolution."  -R.C.

Sample Victories

Resort Workers v. Large Corporate Employer*

Achieved $5 million settlement in representation of California banquet workers, servers, and other resort hospitality workers who experienced wage theft by their large corporate employer.

Construction Workers v. Large Corporate Employer*

Achieved $2 million settlement for Southern California construction workers who were systematically unpaid by their large corporate employer.  

Longtime Employees v. Corporate Employer*

Achieved $1 million settlement, collectively, for two longtime employees who were terminated after they stood up for their rights in the workplace.

Agricultural and Landscaping Worker Cases

Over $3 million recovered in numerous cases for individual farmworkers and landscaping employees who have suffered discrimination and been terminated after becoming injured and disabled due to the physical demands of their job.


77564 Country Club Drive, Suite 340, Palm Desert, CA 92211

760-698-9626 (call)

             760-347-3047 (text system)

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